How To Build Productive Relationships Between The Members Of Your Team

Competent micro-management has always been a delicate subject among managers and team-leading officials in all sectors of commerce. Having good team relations is crucial for harmonizing the work effort, optimizing labor and productivity and maintaining high moral among your immediate underlings. An unstabilized work collective can inevitably lead to low success ratings or even worse; defection and corporate sabotage! Preventing such instances from occurring, the good manager must follow some basic ethic principles and understand the mechanism behind any successful collegial body.

What to do and what not to do when micro-managing a team

What most team leaders get wrong on their first couple of months managing a collective is that management does not mean that you are somehow better than everyone else. The fact that one is bestowed on such an important mission means that one must be the last person who should act like out his egotistical, self-centered desires and demand respect. The fact that you are an authority figure should give you enough recognition, to begin with, everything else is just redundant narcissistic nonsense that would only alienate your subordinates and make you look like a pompous buffoon.

Now that we have established where you stand on the grand scheme of things, we must continue discussing the importance of taking an interest in your employees. Asking general, non-personal questions can actually show your staff that you care about them, at least enough to ask about their lives. It is not necessary for you to go overboard with your inquiries, just try and remember all the important stuff. That way the next time you are talking with someone, you can provide a follow-up question to a previous conversation; showing that you were not only asking empty questions but were also genuinely interested in your subordinates. People like it when they are acknowledged and made feel relevant.

DO NOT by any chance ask oriented questions, especially to a female employee. It is neither your business nor it should be, when and how your female workers spend their Friday nights. Unless you want a sexual harassment suit hanging over your head, you’d better refrain from anything, any sort of question, joke or a remark regarding this subject. Not only are you going to make some lucky lady very, very rich; but you can be sure that your job won’t mean squat after the fat cats running the company hear about this.

Another golden rule of thumb is that no member of your team should have preferential treatment over another member of the same team. You, as the strong and mighty lion, must treat each and every member of your pride the same, without an exception. People get quite touchy when they are treated differently, so much so that even a single negative remark aimed at them can send a tidal wave of hatred and animosity either towards you, or the one getting all the positive attention.

One last thing I believe I should mention is the ‘job well done’ initiative. This one pretty much speaks for itself. Whenever someone does a good job, take some time to properly congratulate them on their endeavor. Everyone likes it when they efforts are respected by the management head. Appreciate your employees and your employees will appreciate you. But like I said, don’t show appreciation to only one person, while discarding the efforts of another person. In time you will find the balance and the proper way to handle your staff. Stay strong, stay positive and be mindful of what you say and do.

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