Strategies To Increase Your Followers

It is important to note that the number of followers is not the most important indicator on Twitter, and not talking about the engagement of your followers. I suggest combining the indicator with other indicators that measure the influence of an account.

Select the general topic and the target audience Twitter account.

This strategy applies to those who have not started his Twitter account. Both the subject of the Twitter account and the target audience (current and potential followers) are closely related, and in my opinion, you can select first either. This is possible because the target audience determines the theme and the theme determines the target audience.

It is necessary for the description of the Twitter account has the keywords of interest and desirable that the name also has them. It is very important that the description is written in the same language of their tweets.

It is important to note that you must set up your account to make it enjoyable (change background and colors) and never let the egg photo comes by default. If you got a perfect account you may take help of a social media marketing service. They will promote your account and increase your followers. Buy Twitter Followers Reviews will give you the best idea to find out the best service provider.

Create content of value to your target audience

It is very important to ongoing efforts to better understand your target audience. I believe that having a target audience with a common interest in a particular topic is better than if the target has general interests.

You must create content that is interesting to your target audience, thus will generate added value. You have two options for value-added content: a blog with your own content or content from other authors.

A blog to write your own content

In my case, this Digital Marketing blog helps me a lot to go orient items according to the preferences of the people. Even at one time conducted a survey to ask about writing and take this information as a reference for new articles.

If you write your own content articles I suggest avoiding light that gives very little information to visitors, and that often creates expectations that are not met, causing displeasure by fans.

Content of other

It is completely valid to use content from others to generate added value to their followers. When directing his followers to content that is not made for you I recommend always reading the article I will recommend avoiding directing their followers to items that do not have quality. It is also important to have sources of information on the subject of interest allowing you to take this content and updated it easily.

Ways to identify the content that generates added value

There are several ways to identify what content generates added value to your target audience.

Be consistent in sending tweets

If you ask me the ideal number of tweets for the account you want to grow, my answer would be at least 5 a day, seven days a week (this is the approach I use in my own). Many successful twitters sent many tweets a day (50 to 100). If you do so, it is important not to lose sight that must generate value with each of them. In my casework full time at a consulting firm and teach at the university in the night, I is difficult to send more tweets a day.

In my case to ensure the value-added in the tweets avoid sending tweets of thanks to my new followers and try to avoid tweets not understand out of context.

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