Fun Things to do in Montreal During a Family Vacation

Montreal, the city in the Canadian province of Quebec, is one of the best places to go on a family vacation. The city has many hotels that suit all budgets and offer great accommodation facilities along with customized tour packages.  Explore the best things to do in Montreal during a family vacation.

Visit Notre-Dame Basilica

From outside Notre Dame Basilica looks like any other cathedral, but its real beauty lies inside. Victor Rousselot and Victor Bourgeau designed the interior of the basilica and it resembles more like a theatre and not a church. The Gothic Revival architecture of the church is dramatic. The church’s interior is grand and colorful. The ceiling of the church has more than 5000 hand-painted gold stars and is an absolute treat to watch.

Enjoy boating adventures

Saint Lawrence River is perfect to enjoy some boating adventures. Riding jet boats on the river is filled with excitement, thrill and fun. Rafting down the river’s main channel is another exciting activity. There are many companies, which offer a range of boating experiences on Saint Lawrence River. These companies give all the necessary equipment and training. Visitors can enjoy a calm rafting experience on the river’s outer edge.

Ascend the tower of the Olympic Stadium

The tower of the Olympic Stadium is the world’s tallest inclined tower. Built at a 45-degree angle, the 574-foot structure is an engineering marvel. One can enjoy a tram ride on the tower and get a 360-degree view of Montreal. The tower is truly fabulous and is one of the top attractions of the city.

Visit Parc Safari – Africa in the heart of Quebec

Parc Safari is famous for African and Asian species of elephants. Founded in 1972, the zoo houses nearly 500 animals of more than 75 different species. The zoo has many African animals that including zebras, rhinos, lions, ostriches, chimpanzees, etc. There is a drive-through area in the zoo where one can feed the animals. There is an elevated walkway from where visitors can see the habitats of bears, tigers and wolves.

Enjoy lip-smacking cuisines and vibrant nightlife

Montreal’s cuisines are influenced by its ethnic communities. The city has one of the highest numbers of restaurants in the world. Smoked meat, Montreal-style bagels, Falafels, etc. are the much-appreciated cuisines of the city. Visitors will find several Italian, Greek, Japanese and Lebanese restaurants here.

The city is quite famous for its vibrant nightlife. Most of the bars and clubs of the city stay open until 3 am. Tourists can enjoy live music as bars bring in live performers.

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