Scenario: Your prospect doesn’t trust your assertion that Sales Hub is built for both sales managers and salespeople. Which of the following is the best way to win their trust?

  • Tell they you’re offended that they wouldn’t believe you, after all the time you’ve spent demoing the tool for them
  • Ask them about their concerns, take careful notes of their needs and pain points, and give them HubSpot’s support number so they can get their doubts resolved themselves
  • Take careful notes of their needs and pain points, offer to do a demo in which they can test out everything they need to test out, and keep educating and consulting them on the benefits of Sales Hub without adding friction to their evaluation process.
  • Always set up a call with your HubSpot CAM or Channel Consultant and the prospect. You shouldn’t be answering any product questions alone, since only HubSpotters really understand how Sales Hub works.
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