How To Get More Views On YouTube And Increase Your Visibility On The Web?

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Are you trying hard to get more YouTube or video views, but unsure where to begin with? You may have got the title, description, and tags right, and your video may be perfect and you may have been posting it on Twitter or Facebook fan page, but not getting enough attention. Well, then you should start taking it seriously, and here are some tips to increase YouTube views without breaking a sweat.

Getting the Basics Right

There is no shortcut way to turning your video into an overnight success, and getting tons of views instantly. However, it can go viral, if the content is hilarious or very engaging. You need to engage your viewers for better overall interactions, more views, and a YouTube experience. Now, that can be done in various ways, and some of them are listed below.

Optimizing Titles Tags and Descriptions

Title is one of the key aspects of video optimization because title tells the viewers what the video is all about; so make the title sound interesting, but ensure that users (viewers) know what to expect. If the video is about cooking pizza, the title should specify ‘how to cook pizza in 20 minutes.’Optimizing the title means you to have better-ranking positions within Google and YouTube search results. Do not make the title too long; you need to put the keyword in title and writecatchy descriptions.

Drive Traffic from Search Engines

And, not just the title, but you need to optimize everything before posting your video, so that people can find it easily. Metadata, including titles, tags, and descriptions should be optimized so that your video shows up in the search engine results when anybody looks up those target keywords.

Finding and Embedding the Right Keywords

Poorly-formulated Meta tags or description can reduce your visibility, while eye-catching titles containing relevant keywords can get you higher ranking. You can also include some links to your site apart from using social links. Make use of Google AdWords keyword planner tool to find the right keyword phraseswhen you write your tags. Without proper title or description, your video may potentially lose a lot of views.

Don’t Write Irrelevant Description just to Make It Catchy!

If you provide an improper or irrelevant description, people will leave bad comments and dislike the video, which will not only lead to lesser views in the long run, but high possibility of the same being flagged as spam and taken down!

Facebook and Twitter are great, as people can click the links that bring in a nice flow of views.

Add an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

Uploading a video to YouTube automatically creates 3 thumbnails, which you can select from Info and Settings. Along with the description and title, this thumbnail is yet another decision-making factor that makes potential users to watch. Many people tend to forget the thumbnail when uploading video, but it could be an awful mistake.

Be a Part of the Community

You need to work like Facebook or Twitter; you need to be a part of a group or community with hundreds or thousands of views and subscribers so that they can share or promote your videos. It will eventually make you get more likes, comments, and shares.

Seek Professional Help

Video quality should be very good and you need to encourage comments and video responses; there are many services that promote video to the target audience and is one such service, offering excellent customer service. Choosing the right firm is crucial to get market exposure in the right way.

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