Scenario: Your client sells highly sophisticated and customized products and services in the financial technology industry. Your client champion does not believe that their sales team’s approach can be automated in any way. They seem to think that the Sales Hub tools won’t be helpful because of how personalized and consultative their sales process is. How do you respond to this objection?

  • Ask them what they are afraid of losing by adopting some automation. Work with them to figure out which parts of the sales process are repetitive and manual. Assure them that nothing will be automated without their consent.
  • Ask them why they’re paranoid about AI and automation. Scold them for having an outdated attitude about automation, and show them case studies of how teams fail miserably without automation. Scare them into doing the right thing.
  • Accept their answer and move on. You can’t help them unless they want to change their process.
  • Go behind the champion’s back and start implementing the automation tools with the help of a few disgruntled members of his sales team. You don’t need the champion’s approval or agreement to move forward.
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